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Wireless Internet Question

Thu Jan 27, 2005 4:20 am

I want to buy a laptop. Dell seems to be the cheapest of the bunch so I'll probably go in that direction.

My main use of this laptop is for internet access internationally.

Here in my country, the wireless internet uses the GPRS system and I have to connect to the internet using my GSM cell phone as the modem. that's no problem.

my question is for other countries.
What would I need to use wi-fi at places like hotels etc?

These are the 3 choices available at Dell for wireless cards

2.Dell Wireless 1450 DualBand (802.11a/b/g) Internal Wireless (TM1450I)
3.Dell Wireless 1350 (802.11 b/g) Internal Wireless (TM1350I)

which one of these would I be able to use globally? or at least the major cities like JFK, YYZ, LHR etc.

any help would be greatly appreciated  Smile
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RE: Wireless Internet Question

Thu Jan 27, 2005 4:29 am

Hey, Inbound,

I should confirm this before I post it (I'll try to later), but I think most wireless over on this side of the pond runs on the 802.11b standard, which means that either of the two Dell cards should work.

Another option if compatibility becomes a problem (I don't know what you use at home) is to get a an PCI wireless card for use over here. They're cheap... in fact, if you come to L.A., drop a note and I'll loan you my spare.

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RE: Wireless Internet Question

Thu Jan 27, 2005 4:49 am

Same here, 802.11g is the standard.

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