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Wing Bowl 13

Sat Feb 05, 2005 11:40 am

I was wondering if any Philly area A.netters were as insane as I was to go to Wing Bowl this morning?

For those of you outside the Philadelphia area allowme to explain the concept of Wing Bowl.

13 years ago the morning show crew at WIP 610AM, the local sports radio station, had the idea of a pre SuperBowl celebration since the Eagles were no in contention. This Wing eating contest started small, but as the sucess of the Eagles has grow so has the sucess of Wing Bowl. The regular season sucess of the Eagles only making the need for Wing Bowl more and more nessary in the past 3 years since the Eagles didn't make it.

However, this year, Wing Bowl turned into the ultimate pep rally. Part wing eating contest, part Mardi Gras, part inane spectical. It was all Tacky, All Campy and all Philadelphia. And one hell of a good time.

Last year the 98 pound human vacuum Sonia "Black Widow" Thomas, upset the heavily favored, and heavily padded male contestants including local favorite El Wingador. This year the contest brought Sonia back from VA, A few contestants from NY and one all the way from Winnepeg Canada. (Who really incited the crowd with a sign which read that the CFL was the Real Football.)

Long story short, El Wingador beat Black Widow this year by 1 wing. We dranl lots of beer early in the morning, and saw lots of female assets. (Girls Gone Wild was there to film)

I'm glad I have 364 days to recover for Wing Bowl 14.
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