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How Is India Today? (more Specifically, Delhi)

Wed Feb 09, 2005 4:47 pm


I used to live in New Delhi from 1992 to 1996.
At this time there was a lot of levy imposed on imported products; hence most items available were either of Indian origin or with joint ventures with Indian companies, manufactured in India (e.g BPL-Sanyo, DCM-Daewoo, etc...).
Imported vehicles were a rarity reserved to embassies/foreigners and a select wealthy few.
Now that the market has been deregulated thanks to the WTO, what do Indian roads look like ?
Also, how is inflation ? At the time a cassette tape costed Rs. 45/48 for example.

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RE: How Is India Today? (more Specifically, Delhi)

Wed Feb 09, 2005 4:55 pm

I don't know about Dilly (Why ever did you go there anyway? Didn't you realise your mistake upon landing? It's such a rhaat of a place!), but Daewoo's gone. BPL's nearly gone, except their mobile service which is part owned by France Telecom.

It's the Korean invasion now! Just like everywhere else, we're inundated with Samsung, Hyundai and LG!
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RE: How Is India Today? (more Specifically, Delhi)

Wed Feb 09, 2005 5:21 pm

New Delhi has improved a lot since the 90s. Air pollution is down significantly thanks to the law requiring all public transportation to run on CNG, and all vehicles are at least Euro II compliant (Euro III compliance required for sales starting from April 1 2005).

Roads have far fewer bottlenecks thanks to a number of new interchanges and flyovers. There's a lot of road/flyover construction going on though (the ring roads are being made signal free), which makes things bad in places. Drivers are still complete lunatics, however. Vehicle profile is *nothing* like back in the 90s. You'll be hardpressed to see an Ambassador on the roads now. That applies in other metros too.

There's no dearth of consumer goods and chic shops and malls; there are stores of everything from LVMH to Mango to Boss. Head down to Gurgaon and theres maybe a couple of dozen malls there. The weathers between 10-20 degrees. Last winter was a lot colder than this one.
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RE: How Is India Today? (more Specifically, Delhi)

Fri Feb 11, 2005 4:32 am

In Mumbai, [not too sure about Delhi] you will see a lot of improvement in the type of cars which people drive--Honda Mitsubishi Toyota and as Jason said the Koreans.
Mercedes/BMWs are also by and by becoming a common site especially in greater Mumbai.

As far as inflation goes there are a lot of changes---CDs are available for 100-200 INR as compared to the 600-800 price of yester years.

But the best like China is the piracy markets---DVDs CD-roms really cheap.

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