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Do You Work For A Living Or Vote For A Living?

Tue Feb 22, 2005 5:30 pm

Mike Rogers is a pretty neat guy who's an American expat living in Japan.

How can we compete with China and India in the future decades if the following is true?

294 million: American population
130 million: American workers who have a job
11-12 million: Unemployed Americans who receive government dole
120 million: Americans who receive government checks!

The 120 million breaks down into 25 million city, state, and federal workers; 45 million people over 62 years of age; and about 45 million people who are "disabled" (which is very loosely defined).

All the money that pays those 120 MILLION people comes out of the earnings of other Americans. Government cannot create wealth (although it can inflate its currency into oblivion, which we may yet see happen to the Federal Reserve Notes).

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