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Socialised Medicine In Britain

Wed Apr 13, 2005 7:46 pm

Just thought I'd share this

Phoned the GP Monday, said I wanted an appointment. Told the receptionist (Maria, she's nice) what was up and she asked me did I want to come straight down and see the practice nurse that afternoon.

Couldn't make it so booked an appointment for 3pm Tuesday

Turned up, she got on the phone to Hope Hospital and arranged for me to be seen the next morning. 9am appointment. Turned up there at 8.40am, called in early at 8.50am, seen by a top specialist, podiatrist and my own diabetes specialist nurse as well. A minor surgical procedure done and sent home with a pretty surgical boot, follow-up appointment in 7 days plus dressings and other stuff to keep me going. Out by 10am.

All that lot within 48 hours of the first phone call to my GP surgery.

Someone please tell me why we should trust the filthy Conservatives with their no-longer-hidden agenda of £35bn and more in cuts to public services.
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RE: Socialised Medicine In Britain

Wed Apr 13, 2005 8:09 pm

Interesting you use the US term (often deployed as a term of abuse).

My own experience over 5 years having a chronic illness treated is excellent, five years ago I was on the way to being crippled, within months I was well on the way to recovery, though no cure as such yet exists, anywhere.

This would be the case anywhere in the first world, however the facilities at the hospital I attend regular are first class, yeah the buildings outside looks grim, 60's streaked concrete, who cares, it's the inside that counts.
The vital budget for drugs is not a problem, so if I need to change medication, it won't be an issue.

While the battery of medication I have to take are exempt from prescription charges, the supplements that are merely advisable to take, I buy myself, I could get them on the NHS, but I'm hardly poor so why take the piss?

No health system is perfect, the UK's current one is a result of history it's true, however most of those who work in it have probably had quite enough of reform these past two decades, almost all politically motivated.
My own fathers treatment (he died in 1997) over years, was not so good, (I've not got what he had however).

People need to reflect on their own experiences, good, bad or indifferent, not believe the Daily Mail or that 'newspaper' made flesh, Michael Howard.

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