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No, these are not skanky critters of questionable biological matter that dock in your ears. Earworms are those songs or commercials that one keeps hearing over and over again. Since this forum has been loaded with music opinion threads mine included; lets start another thread and find out those songs that play over and over again in your head. Sometimes they drive you crazy and ready for Crackerbox Palace and other times, they actually enhance ones day. Go figure. Without further adoo, here are some of the tunes and commercials that have stuck in my craw.

  • Today, I've been posessed by the song Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jacks and family. Still hearing we have joy, we have joy, we have seasons in the sun!"
  • Commercial for All detergent with funny 1970's kiddy animation and disco music with little germs disco dancing by the washing machine and the funny looking cartoon lady that deals with such a major stress event.
  • Back in the summer of '85 for two horrible days, I was plagued with SuSusudio by Phil Collins. You can find a reference to this in my Songs From Hell shit parade.
  • Gypsy's Tramps and Thieves by Cher. This after watching an X Files episode with that song played over and over again. I happen to like this tune.
  • Scully and Moulder and co. also had me playing Love Is Blue over and over again. You know that instrumental from 1968 by Paul Marriott.
  • The 80's dance pop music danced by the Geico Geeko Lizard
  • Iron Butterfly- Inna God A Davida Another cool tune
  • That damn fruity theme song to The Nanny
  • Some Velvet Morning - Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra- A macabre but way cool piece of music.

More to come stay tuned.  airplane 

I'm Zippyjet & I approve of this message!

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