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Gandhi- Is His Message Relevant Today?

Sun Apr 17, 2005 1:09 am

To most people who have read about this man, he was a great person who taught the world that peace and non-violence could be used as weapons to humble the mighty opressors. Surely, many independence and civil rights movements other than the Indian one, inspired by his ideals have been highly successful.

But given the extendt of violence and terrorism in the world today, all in the name of certain struggles, do you think Gandhi's message has been lost? Or is it that people resort to violent acts as they get the message across in a better (more visible) way ?

What are your views on this?
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RE: Gandhi- Is His Message Relevant Today?

Sun Apr 17, 2005 1:16 am

The simple messages of peace and respect NEVER get outdated. But as long as men have penises and there are rich and poor people, as well as endless consumerism being rammed down our throught, there are always going to be some factions that are going to be determined to start trouble to get what they want or make a name for themselves.
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RE: Gandhi- Is His Message Relevant Today?

Sun Apr 17, 2005 1:19 am

There has to be a distinction between violence in protests and violence in response to protests. Violence has no place in protests obviously, but if a protest gets violent and uncontrollable (arguably as in 9/11), counterforce must be used to keep the violence in check, as long as the purpose isn't to one-up your opponent.

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RE: Gandhi- Is His Message Relevant Today?

Sun Apr 17, 2005 1:21 am

As an icon and a symbol, Gandhi will always remain relevant.

I understand that the Attenborough film on his life is being played in Palestine to influence Fatah etc to change their strategies to one of non-violence.
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RE: Gandhi- Is His Message Relevant Today?

Sun Apr 17, 2005 1:24 am

Quoting Matt D (Reply 1):
But as long as men have penises

of varying length...

I think as long as there is 'something to argue about' we are always going to have variations on achieving objectives.

Obviuosly most of us in the states would rather alcaida had found a peaceful way of getting their point across then 9/11, and I'm sure 1,000's of Iraqi's would have liked a more peaceful removal of Saddam.

The problem to me is you have these nuts that think 'more guns/weapons' are a solution, the solution is killing them with kindness if you ask me. I'm sure that lady in Atlanta who turned that guy who killed the bailif and others will agree..
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