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Funny Twists Of Fate

Tue Apr 26, 2005 11:11 am

murphy's laws are a bitch but hey its the truth. Does anyone have an story of where everything went wrong,only to end right?

Heres one. Back a year ago i travelled to chicago for the first time(great city btw cept for the airports) and on the 2nd day there we decided in the evening to go on a boat tour. Anyway we get to the dock an hour before the next boat comes and buy tickets,and had a long wait and nothing to do(thing that went wrong #1). Now it was a cloudy day and someone told us it may rain in an hour(thing that went wrong #2). It became pretty obvious it would so we headed back to the hotel (walk was exactly half an hour) to get umbrellas(thing that went wrong #4). we get back to a full boat with no seats left.(thing that went wrong #4) Everything went wrong and we ended up pretty pissed off and got a refund.

Anyway we decide to go to the navy pier and do stuff. after a brief taxi ride we get there right when it starts raining. And it came down HARD-it was raining like in the day after tomorrow. Ended up seeing a 3d Imax movie and having a great dinner at the bee bop cafe (amazing food-crappy music). It was pretty weird to think that if we did everything right that evening-I would come back to the hotel soaking wet,tired and pissed off at the worst boat tour ever. Instead it ended up the best night i had in the city.
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