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Unlocking A Blackberry's Bluetooth

Tue May 17, 2005 11:34 pm

I have a Blackberry 7100T from TMobile. The Bluetooth is useless since I don't use earpieces. I think it's a bit lazy when people can't hold their phone for five seconds to answer a phone call. I have never had problems answering the phone. However, I find it totally ridiculous that the Bluetooth on the Blackberry cannot be used to hotsync or work with a keyboard. It's humiliating and frustrating seeing people at the airport typing on portable keyboards with their Clies and Siemens cell phones while I can't use one on my Blackberry. Anyone out there know how to hack it? Is there a way to reprogram it to work with a keyboard? I don't care if I void my warranty. TMobile doesn't try to help its customers anyway.

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