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Travellers How To Win Friends?

Tue May 31, 2005 7:33 pm

So last weekend being a holiday weekend we had the usual visitation of a convoy of travellers in the layby outside the lab where I work and, as usual they left the usual sh*thole they usually leave - heaps of rubbish, etc.

However, in a variation from the usual troubles they left a trail of destruction around our lab, as well as crapping in the undergrowth.


The gates were locked so they cut the fence.




Anything lying around was demolished.


They tried to break into an outside storage building


And tried to get into our main bulding... note broken skylight.

In addition they let down the tyres of the people who were at work over the weekend and climbed over the cars in the car park. The police were called, but all the menfolk had f*cked off leaving the women to go on about the kids being high spirited. The men later returned in cars and cased the joint. There might or might not be another visitation.

Any reason why their presence in any area is hated?


(Links include if photos don't load up.)
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