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But Don't Mention The War - The Winning Proposal

Thu Jun 09, 2005 7:45 pm

"No one of my generation - let alone the younger generation - knows how to do the Prussian Goosestep. If you want to learn it - watch British television".

After the rant of Minister Fischer targeting the usual British stereotypes and against the backgound that DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) wants more foreign students studying in Germany, DAAD advertised a writing contest on "new" or "real" Germany a while back. No one less than John Cleese from the Faulty Towers and former "Minister for Silly Walks" became patron of this contest.

Spiegel Online has published the winning proposal, and since this ominous hairdresser is only two streets away from my flat, I can not resist to provid a link. Besides, it's fun to read:,1518,359368,00.html

Although the article is written in English, the author has thrown in some odd German words which may need a translation:

Fernsehturm - TV tower
Glühwein - mulled wine
abgefahren - wicked / cool
Qual der Wahl - to be spoilt for choice
Kopfgeldjäger - head hunter
Schnäppchen - bargain
auffällig - eye-catching
Ossis - condescending term for people from the new states
NEIN ich bin nicht schwul - NO I'm not gay
du hast ganz lustige Haare... geht ja in alle Richtungen. - really funny hairdo you have ... your hair goes in all directions.
Ostalgie - a play with the two words nostalgia and east: describes Ossis' nostalgic and romanticized feelings for the GDR.

Edit: Added "Ostalgie"

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RE: But Don't Mention The War - The Winning Proposal

Fri Jun 10, 2005 2:27 am

"Don't mention the war!"
"You started it!"
"No we didn't!"
"Yes you did! You invaded Poland!"
After Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says WTF...

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