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A Parent's Cop-out?

Mon Jun 13, 2005 3:57 pm

Before I head out for my weekend, I wanted to put here this story from

So mom tells son to stay locked in the basement while she runs errands. She tells son to stay in basement because of their 2 pit bulls. She comes home to find son dead because of said 2 pit bulls.

This stinks from the ground up.

-If she locks the boy - HER SON - in the basement - for ANY reason - isn't that child neglect? Isn't there another way to keep the child from the dogs? Maybe she could have taken her son with her, or let him stay with family or friends closeby - or, OR, rid themselves of the pit bulls?
-If she locks her son in the basement, why the wonder (AFTER he's dead) that they had not seen any "violent tendencies"? If no "violent tendencies", then no need to lock the kid in the basement, hmm?
-She then has the gall to make the remark "typical Nicky, he wouldn't listen to me" when it was found that he had freed himself of being locked in the basement. Well, Ms. Faibish, what kid would care to be locked in the basement for any reason?  Yeah sure And, again, did he have anything to fear since you saw no "violent tendencies"? Sending your son mixed messages? Trying to subtlely throw blame in his direction because he left the prison you created for him?? Then you just dismiss it in that "it's Nicky's time to go"?

Yeah, I know there's more to the story than all of this - but (1), most anything is better than locking your kid in the basement, unless there's a gang shootout outside your house - otherwise remove the pets, ya genius. Put them in the basement instead. And (2), maybe there's a little blame for you to share, even though your son "wouldn't listen" to you.

Is she stoned? Is there life insurance to collect? What details are we missing that might help how she looks in all of this, because, right now, it looks that there should be major payment for how she left her son to die at home.


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RE: A Parent's Cop-out?

Mon Jun 13, 2005 4:25 pm

What a retard. She should just take her kid with her. I hate it when innocent children have to die as a result of their parents' stupidity. This is proof that not all people are fit to be parents.

I've said it before: You have to have a liscense to get married, but should having a kid be a right?

Something to ponder.

It's sad when truly fit parents try for decades and can't have a child. While Darwin Award All-Stars pump out three or four.
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RE: A Parent's Cop-out?

Mon Jun 13, 2005 9:41 pm

Trust me, get the right amount of lawyers involved, and we'll hear how the dogs were not to blame.
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RE: A Parent's Cop-out?

Tue Jun 14, 2005 1:05 am

Wasn't this covered in Pit Bulls (by SATL382G Jun 12 2005 in Non Aviation) ?
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