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Sun Jul 03, 2005 1:26 pm

Have you ever noticed how certain job fields have a lot of similarities among their women? I've been out and around a lot of our FA's here at DH, and the pickings are very slim. I'm not big on going out to some karaoke dive for a good time. Likewise, though, those young ladies at the teller desk (and some of those realtors) are pretty attractive and seem to be a bit higher on the respectable scale. The best are the nurses and school teachers, although, I've run into a freak or two among those (although, that's expected, of course), but, usually, sweet ones are to be found among these. Does anyone here like, exclusively, women in a certain job role? Anybody big on dating powerful types (ever dream of dating Carly Fiorina?)? Often I don't care, and most guys wouldn't care so much, either, really, but sometimes I really find attractive what someone does for a living.

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