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Why Should The G8 Alleviate African Poverty?

Wed Jul 06, 2005 4:46 am

I fail to see why the G8 nations, under certain conditions should make any attempt to alleviate African debt, poverty and trade barriers.

I am a firm advocate for the relief of African "problems" in countries who have deemed themselves to be of a less corrupt nature than some of their African counter parts, but as long as the stigma exists amongst themselves that they need to stand fast for their corrupt African brethren, there should be no aid or any help.

While a country such as South Africa has proven its "democracy" and desire to develop to first world standards the amount of Inteferance within the ANC of undying support for Mugabe and it's recently fired deputy President, it makes for an uneasy. While President Mbeki has pursued a policy of quite diplomacy in an attempt to keep many voices within the ruling ANC party at bay, it doesn't bode well for any aid efforts to Africa.

The idea that Mugabe has used food as a political weapon is horrid, yet he isnt the only one.

However maybe the G8 nations need to see past such problems and turn the finger of development to themselves their their inteferance with the liberalisation and demand for democracy of Africa, such as the USA with their support for Mobutu Sesuseko.

However there are African countries showing promise. Ghana, Mocambique, Kenya was one until the president refused to remove certain cabinet members who have been known for their corruptness which then halted the aid they had been promised, which was more than what the president originally asked for when he came to power.

With the removal of farm subsidies it will effect very negatively the farmers in many countries and maybe it is time for them to realise, if you do penal labour, such as driving a tractor up and down you need to expect to be paid peanuts, with cheap African labour many countries would with a certain degree of ease be able to land produce in developed nations at a reduced rate from their first world counter parts. However that isnt the main concern.

The idea of dumping excess produce on the African market, flooding it and bringing the price down needs to end. Debt needs to be relieved.

Many politicians seem to realise that in order for them to maintain a certain lifestyle they need to ride the gravy train, as no matter how hard they work in 10 years in politics it would take many generations to fix the country and they would therefore suffer once stepping down from power, as opposing views can easily come into power.
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