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Military History

Mon Jul 18, 2005 12:47 pm

After it slowed down the past few nights here at work (when I wasn't studying on the Sheffield Aviation website for my dispatch test), I looked over some interesting parts of history that are my favorite (and I love military history). MD11Engineer (and I think DL021 along with him) was going over a WW2 question last week or so, and that got me poking back into other historical reads. I was wondering what parts some of you like to hash over (and probably are experts on those accounts) and who your favorite military minds are - past and present.

Having forgotten a lot from college about some history, it was fun reading over some accounts of the Parthians vs. the Romans and the Khans advancing into Eastern Europe. I even used to wonder what it would be like to match great military minds against others (Hannibal's elephants vs. Alexander's phalanx, Napoleon vs. Robert E. Lee, etc.), though comparisons like that are not really feasible.

Either way, though, checking that stuff out on the net is a great way to kill an hour.

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