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Anyone Interested In Sportscar Racing?

Sun Jul 31, 2005 4:55 am

If you are, and in my opinion it is the coolest form of racing because of the variety in cars and sounds and tracks, you can catch a pretty good live streaming feed of the FIA GT's 24Hrs of Spa on right now on the Eurosport website, it looks like the 2 Vitaphone Maserati MC12s are leading by a good bit over the Aston Martin DBR9s (which would be their first loss in 4 races this year if the Masers hold on) but I'm still rooting for the Labre Ferrari 550's which are running back behind some corvettes around 6th and 7th... also, all americans with speed channel should watch the Portland american le mans series race tonight, it should be a good battle! If anyone else is a fan of these series, let's hear it!

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