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Talabani: Saddam Confessed His Crimes

Thu Sep 08, 2005 4:34 am

Talabani said Tusday he had spoken to one of the Iraqi Special Tribunal judges involved in the investigation who said that "he was able to take important confessions from Saddam Hussein and he has signed these confessions and there is video and audio for these confessions."

Talabani, a high-ranking Kurdish official, said the judge told him Saddam confessed he gave orders for the executions and military operations directed against Kurds in what came to be called the Anfal campaign. He added though that Saddam was responsible for many more atrocities.

Makes you wonder how this confession was obtained... Anyway, I hope he spends his life in jail rather than bein executed. It would be a much more severe punisment.

Your thoughts?
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RE: Talabani: Saddam Confessed His Crimes

Thu Sep 08, 2005 5:04 am

The Denver post reported that this guy killed 182,000 kurds in the 1980s. I remember the confession needed.
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