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Cantor Fitzgerald To Donate 100% Of Commissions

Sat Sep 10, 2005 5:34 am

Cantor Fitzgerald, the firm that lost over 600 employees in the WTC north tower on 9-11 has stepped up to the plate and are donating 100% of their commissions to the victims of Katrina in the upcoming period. They have been putting 25% of their money into a fund for their own families but are going to redirect this money and increase the percentage to all of it in order to assist with this disaster.

Incredible gesture by American companies. Goes hand in hand with the shipyards, factories and other big companies that have provided shelter and sustenance for their employees far beyond the call of requirements during this event.

Hats off to the corporate entities that lead by example in taking care of people.

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RE: Cantor Fitzgerald To Donate 100% Of Commissions

Sat Sep 10, 2005 6:16 am

Quoting DL021 (Thread starter):
Cantor Fitzgerald

I really have to hand it to Cantor. They are such an incredible company.
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RE: Cantor Fitzgerald To Donate 100% Of Commissions

Sun Sep 11, 2005 12:00 am

I worked for Cantor Fitzgerald many years ago, very nice company to work for. After 9/11 I can not even imagine how the people coped with losing so many co-workers at once & the office that they worked at was lost as well.

We used to lean out the window and say that if there was ever a fire, we are done for, little did I realize how true those words were.

Good for Cantor Fitzgerald!!
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