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Itunes And 3 Ipods

Mon Nov 28, 2005 6:21 am

hey hey guys, how is everyone doing

ok so today we bought 3 ipods from apple.com a black nano and video and a white video the 1 and 30 gb models, but my question to you is my dad loves his classical music and my sister loves broadway and I am worried about my Dave matthews collection fitting into the ipod...I was told with itunes it automaticly puts all the music in your ipod with 3 diffrent tastes in music how do i get it so that my dad gets the music he wants i get the music i want..is it possible to set up 3 accounts on itunes like brads library jens library and dads library or do we have to selct what we need....I have never worked with itunes...any tips on useing itunes and how to sort around this issue with the music would be great thanks

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RE: Itunes And 3 Ipods

Mon Nov 28, 2005 6:29 am

You can always synchronize manually if you want (drag and drop). Other options would be different user accounts (and thus separate iTunes accounts) with automatic sync or manual switching between the accounts. It's pretty straightforward.

If your iPod can hold your entire collection you won't have to sync a lot anyway.

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