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Muslim Youths To Guard Churches Over Christmas...

Sun Dec 11, 2005 4:34 am


Volunteers from Indonesia's largest Islamic organisation will guard churches across the world's most populous Muslim nation on Christmas amid fears of terrorist attacks.

Jakarta police have said they will boost security in the capital ahead of Christmas to avoid a repeat of 2000 Christmas Eve bombings on churches in several Indonesian cities, including the country's capital.

A youth wing affiliated with Indonesia's largest Muslim group, Nahdlatul Ulama, 40 million strong, told Reuters on Friday that its members would guard churches for the coming Christmas festivities and it had persuaded youths from other religions to join the project.

These kids are truly doing the right thing. When each religion's followers are willing to lay their lives on the line to protect their "competitor's" rights to worship as they choose, they're making the world a better place.

My heartfelt thanks to these brave kids.
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RE: Muslim Youths To Guard Churches Over Christmas...

Sun Dec 11, 2005 5:10 am

I can't seem to get the link to work, but I'm duly impressed by the message you quoted. Major kudos.
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