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NYC Mislead On 9/11 Air Quality

Sat Feb 04, 2006 1:57 am

well anyone else who worked downtown the week after 9/11 knows very well the air wasnt safe. coming out of the wall st subway station and walking to my office that first monday it looked like it was snowing, but it was only ash and debris from the WTC.

despite assurances it was "safe" from the government, there was no reason to believe them when you got home each evening smelling of soot and smoke from working in your office building and you had multiple giant industrial "air scrubbers" on each floor for 6mos following 9/11.


Christie Whitman, when she led the Environmental Protection Agency, made "misleading statements of safety" about the air quality near the World Trade Center in the days after the Sept. 11 attack and may have put the public in danger, a federal judge found yesterday.

The pointed criticism of Mrs. Whitman came in a ruling by the judge, Deborah A. Batts of Federal District Court in Manhattan, in a 2004 class action lawsuit on behalf of residents and schoolchildren from downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn who say they were exposed to air contamination inside buildings near the trade center

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