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Bad Karma Every February!

Sat Feb 04, 2006 9:36 am

Since 1977, it seems, bad luck/Murphy's Law gets me in the month of February. I realize it is irrational to be superstitious but, year after year, if it can, it will go wrong during the month of February. My flights are delayed big time, I'm more prone to klutzy accidents at work and even around my home. On Wednesday night, I was putting a 12 pack of sodas in the fridge and sure enough, I dropped them. Three cans exploded all over the place. It never fails, shitty luck and this damn month. Then yesterday, I had an inbound flight from MCO and sure enough, a kid managed to puke rainbow colored hurl and took out seats 16 D-E and F! Plus the inbred parents just tossed a box of vanilla wafers right in the center of the puke. I've tried repeating over and over again that my "Curse of February mind set" is bullshit. But, alas, I've even infected fellow friends/co-workers with this funky February karma.
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