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Gibraltar Visa Entry Question

Sat Feb 25, 2006 11:37 am

i went on the home office and read about entry to gibraltar
from the webiste:
Visa Nationals with UK Multiple visas which have been issued for 12 months or more, regardless of category, are eligible to enter Gibraltar at the ultimate discretion of the Immigration Authorities without the need for an additional visa. This exemption also applies to persons who hold Indefinite leave to Remain in the UK

While checking in at Luton the lady had to check her books and said we are clear of flying (me from Ghana and another one from lebanon)
my friend(from lebanon) have a student visa valid for 3 years while mine is a resident permit (also a student) valid for 13 month.
We were denied entry into gibraltar as the customs officer said out UK visas are not multiple entries to the UK and they are student visas. On the www it just mention mulitple entry visa.
On our visas it says multiple entries
i sat there and argueing i demanded to see another immigartion officer and was told he was the only person on duty.
Who was right in this situation?
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RE: Gibraltar Visa Entry Question

Sat Feb 25, 2006 11:50 am

Unfortunatly, he is right... and wrong at EXACTLY the same time...

It also says the Entry is completely up to the discretion of Gibraltar immigration. Which means that they might as well not have rules as they can ultimatly decide what action to take regardless of what other rules may be in existance.
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