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Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Fri Mar 03, 2006 2:12 pm

What was the scariest moment in your life? Why?
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Fri Mar 03, 2006 2:22 pm

Dieing on the operating table for a few minutes when I was 15 during open heart surgery.

Major Bummer Grande!!!!
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Fri Mar 03, 2006 2:33 pm

Thanksgiving weekend 1988. I'm driving, alone, along Interstate 70 (from Columbia, Missouri to St. Louis) in the dark of night during a driving rainstorm.

In that part of the state, there's nothing but farmland around.

All of a sudden out of nowhere this dog appears in the headlights of my car as I'm speeding along. A pretty good-sized dog, like a Lab or something. Of course, in an instant of panic, I slam on my brakes, but had no choice but to plow into the poor beast.

Between the wet highway and the impact, my car does a 180 turn so now I'm facing the wrong direction on the dark, wet interstate. I have no idea what kind of condition the dog or my car are in. I'm literally shaking.

There is a God: Despite it being a heavily-traveled Thanksgiving weekend, at that precise moment there were no vehicles near me, and so my spinout had no effect on anyone else.

A passer by, a man in a pickup truck, stopped on the side of the road and came over to see if I was alright. He managed to somehow block traffic (I have no idea how since it was pitch dark) so I could turn back around and get in the right direction again. I was so visibly shaken that he told me he would take care of the dog--just for me to get moving. So I did.

I believe that is as close a call as I have ever had and hope to have. If there had been any other vehicles near me when I hit that dog, I and probably they would have been creamed.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Fri Mar 03, 2006 3:27 pm

Morning of November 8th 2000. No Joke.

When I learned that Bush had been declared the presumed winner I was spooked like no other time in my life. Over the last several years Bush has proven every last suspicion of mine to be terribly accurate. He's not an idiot. He just treats his constituency like idiots. And all we did was shrug and re-elect him. I'm starting to think we may actually deserve whatever's coming to us thanks to the horribly irresponsible actions of the spoiled prick we placed in control.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Fri Mar 03, 2006 3:29 pm

Being in a plane crash, no doubt about it.

HST-550 Helio-Stallion taking off from Battleship Park in Mobile ~ 800 ft "runway", normally plenty for a STOL beast like the Stallion. PT-6 partially lost power immediately after take-off.

Oddly enough, the crash itself wasn't as scary as the first evasive maneuver the pilot made to avoid a rather large obstacle. It's very scary to look out the window in a hard bank and see the tip tank(high wing remember) just inches from the ground. Went from there through a large 50-100 pair telephone cable(awesome noise as it stretches and explosively breaks) and then Mike stalled us into a large bushy tree to cushion the crash as much as possible.

Good news is that 11/11 lived although we've lost one to a motorcycle since. The violence of this relatively low speed and non-fatal crash was shocking beyond belief.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Fri Mar 03, 2006 3:44 pm

I had a gun pointed at me on a couple of occassions. I wouldn't say that was all that scary, because I've never really feared anything, but it would qualify as one of them.
Another time,I was landing in an EMB-120 at ACV from SFO, and the wind was gusting to around 70 MPH or so, and the plane was swerving from side to side, the wings were moving and stuff, I thought we were going to crash into the ocean. That was scarier than having a gun pointed at me. We landed OK, but it was still nerveracking.

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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Fri Mar 03, 2006 4:02 pm

Quoting BHMBAGLOCK (Reply 4):
Being in a plane crash, no doubt about it.

Same here. Feb. 14, 1990, Indian Airlines flight IC605, Bangalore, India. Pilot error. Touched down short of the runway, tried to pull up, stalled, and crashed (believe it was runway 9). My family and I were simply lucky. We were sitting far enough back that our rows didn't immediately catch on fire, but we were right next to the overwing exits. Didn't even have time to think before we were out of there. I believe my dad and I were sitting in row 13. Ironic, huh.

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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Fri Mar 03, 2006 7:21 pm

Found half dead with Carbon Monoxide poisoning from a faulty central heating boiler, rushed to Hospital just in time. Don't remember a thing until I woke up in A/E in Resus. If I had,nt been found on the floor in the kitchen I definately would not be here -makes me shiver just to think about it. Have since moved house and have the new boiler checked on a regular basis !!
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Fri Mar 03, 2006 7:40 pm

my scariest moments was when i was living in new york on 9/11. I was in school outside of manhattan but my dad worked on wall street which is very close to the WTC. and since phone lines where down we had no way of getting in contact with him. it was the uncertainty that really scared me. and the days/weeks after the attacks were horrible with the media constantly showing the images over and over again and and making up stories of new attacks.
I went to ground zero about 2-3 days after the attacks and it really helped me to accept the fact that what happened was real.

an other occation when i was about 10 was on a Swissair MD-11 flight from ZRH to HKG (Kai Tak). We made the difficult approach from the city in i tai fun classed 8-9. turbulence was immense. We were the only flight that day that managed to land. We bounced 3 times upon touch down and the brakes were squeawling.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Fri Mar 03, 2006 8:38 pm

Having been born with the rare craniofacial disorder Treacher Collins syndrome, I have had many scary moments--all involving obstruction of my throat and respiratory distress. One of the complications of the syndrome is a very small throat due to the malformations of the mouth, jaws, and face.

I have nearly choked to death 3 times at least on food (Mother's Day 1986, Mother's Day 1996, and a summer camping trip in 1996), because of the small diameter of my throat (making it hard to swallow food) and my difficulty chewing food. In the 1986 case, I was rushed to 2 emergency rooms (first my local hospital, then from there to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis).
In the 1996 camping trip case, my younger sister applied the Heimlich maneuver.

Nothing is more terrifying than being totally unable to breathe, and nothing else is on your mind than survival.

Due to my frequent tracheostomies, there also was the risk of my tracheostomy tubes blocking up with secretions. The worst experience was in December 1991, in the ICU right after a major jaw surgery at Riley Hospital for Children (Indy). My trach blocked up one night in the ICU, and I frantically pressed the nurse call button countless times. It seemed an eternity before anyone came into my room! Once again there was that stark terror of asphyxiation.

Thus my worst phobia is asphyxiating to death. My scariest experiences have involved asphyxiation. I am now permanently on CPAP for severe sleep apnoea. Also, I have never gotten over my lifetime fear of water--also due to the fear of drowning. I must always be careful when eating--always eat soft foods and cut foods up into tiny pieces.

My experiences have taught me that life is VERY fragile, and to appreciate it and thank God every day for it.

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made... (Psalm 139:14)
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 2:42 am

This is an interesting post. I found myself returning to it after .... checking my emails for the day.... meandering through the news..... writing a few letters, etc. It stayed on my mind.

I returned to it. A kind of subliminal and/or intellectual attraction.

There is a quote from Ernest Gann's "Fate is the Hunter" (*) which I always think about. I've labled it, "The Fear Fright" quote..... To very poorly paraphrase Mr. Gann..... Fear grows and becomes a dibilitating condition.... maybe death inducing. Fright can (if lucky) become life saving.

Because I'm not a kid (injecting humor here).... my scary moments now require me to take off my shoes to count..... but all in all I think I may have figured it out:

First... my scariest moments have nothing to do with my self. Not the times when I've done stupid things on horseback, in airplanes, in automobiles, or on bikes.

My scariest moment was when my young son started choking on steak. The fact that we were in a remote location crossed my mind, but in reality I knew that even if we had been in our Park Ave apartment, 10 blocks away from the best hospital in NY it wouldn't have mattered. My teenage daughter and I went, as if connected by an invisible non-verbal thread into "Fright" mode. I remember looking her in the eye (the rest of the family was paralized) and saying, "The clock is on.... it's been a minute....he only has three." We acted as one, her keeping time and me trying to solve it. Withing 3 minuits (my unconscious deadline for panic) the entire drama was over. In the end I pryed opened his mouth and pulled it out of his throat....(**) was the longest three minuits of my life.... felt like 30 minuits.

My most "Fearful" moment was when I got the phone call that my grandson had lukeamia. This moment is still going on....but one is not allowed to let Fear take over. Fright can, but not Fear..... one is good, the other is not.

(*) chapter 14.... "Fortune".... a very quoted pasage
(**) Ironically this same child as a young adult saved his grandfather from choking on steak with a timely heimlich maneuver..... also just short of "the deadline".

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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 3:21 am

I did a backflip off the edge of the pool last summer. I didnt jump back enough and ended up landing headfirst into the concrete pool edge busting my head open. I sorta blacked out for several seconds and came back when my cousin was pulling me out of the water and I remember there being blood in the pool. He half carried me to the nurse which said it was just a really bad hit and disinfected it and put a bandaid. I thought I had seriously damaged myself but I guess it was just a really bad wound.

I've had other frightful experiences but nothing major. You know stuff like being in the bad neighborhood at the wrong time type of fright.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 3:31 am

Several times when in car accidents or close calls, either of my or someone else's fault. Never injured, but until you get out of the car and realize you are ok and no one else injured, you are often shaken. One of the worst situationa was with my first car back in the winter of 1973-74 and doing a 180 on an icy, narrow, busy 4 lane road. Thought it was going to be pretty bad, but missed everything.
Of an intentional scary moment, was when I did a 143 ft/43 M bungee jump on June 2, 1994 outside of Queenstown, New Zealand, off a perfectly good bridge, dangling from my ankles, touching river at the bottom of the jump. Almost relesed my fecal matter in that adventure. I just kept screming the whole time till voice exausted and stopped bouncing. Made for a great video.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 3:35 am

Well, I've been in a couple motorsickle crashes and they hurt like hell but I can't say I was scared. Apprehensive of the future perhaps. Likewise my latest adventure crashing my bicycle out on the trail and breaking my shoulderblade last summer.

Scared? One time I was in the hospital getting-well, a somewhat indelicate bit of work. They got me up on the table and when they were ready they shot me up with sodium pentothal. I was looking up at the ceiling and I had the distinct perception that everything in view was drawing away as if I was under water, drowning, and being pulled rapidly down. Sodium pentothal is a bad drug.

When my kids were born I was in the hospital in a waiting room for a day and I knew they weren't doing well because they were 7 weeks premature. The people at the hospital were avoiding me and it was as if I had a communicable disease. As it turned out they were avoiding me because nobody wanted to tell me that there was pretty good chance the children were going to die.

That was pretty scary. A nurse came up to me and said about the same-my son was touch and go for a day, they thought they were going to lose him.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 3:52 am

A guy pulled a gun on me in a parking lot. He told me he wanted my wallet. Like an idiot, I freaked and ran away, as fast as I could. He didn't shoot at me.

I felt like I had spent one of my nine lives then and there. I was lucky.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 4:06 am

First one: snowboarding going to hit a rail. didn't realize i wasn't going fast enough, or that the lip was totally destroyed. my board got caught under the front of the rail and i smacked my face off of the rail. only remember waking up in the snow.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 4:13 am

A minivan coming straight at me going the wrong way in my lane, both of us going 65mph (105km/h) on a dark, moonless night. I did a quick side-step maneuver and missed it by two feet (.75m). I did not feel any fear until about 2 minutes later.

That's the only time I've really been scared.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 4:15 am

Long ago phone call from a girlfriend with whom I'd recently broken up:

"I'm pregnant"

turns out she wasn't, of course, but it was rather scary.

What a long strange trip it's been
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 5:03 am

As with many scary moments of the sudden kind, mine was only scary afterwards.

I was rock-climbing on South Wales sea-cliffs (Pembroke) it was a cold day and I had climbed 3 or 4 routes already that day, I was climbing a route that had only marginal protection (size 0 - 2 nuts), at the final crux move my hands were too cold to grip sufficiently to pull over the top to safety, I tried to downclimb but lost grip and fell 30 feet onto the rocks below, I fell backwards and remember watching the nuts pull out of their cracks in the rock and thinking "This feels smooth".

I survived unscathed although my belayer lost the skin off 3 fingers, the mental damage never did repair and although I continued on to do some fairly hairy stuff on snow and ice my rock grades gradually diminuished.

Second time was here in NZ at sea, caught in a sudden squall in my 4m boat, I know now that I should have stayed put until it passed but I ran for home and had a scary time trying not to cop a breaker over the stern. In a 4 m boat a 5 foot following sea is not a good look, after what seemed like hours I finally surfed the breakers onto the shore and was left high and dry like a beached whale, safe, dry-mouthed and determined to learn more about the Hauraki Gulf weather!

I must say though, in terms of REALLY scary moments, watching my daughter being born caps the lot!!
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 5:13 am

During my wife's ultrasound when she was pregnant with our daughter, the tech said, "Oh, that doesn't look right." 2 hours and 3 doctors later, we were ushered into a room labelled "genetic counseling" (I kid you not).

The chief neuropediatic surgeon told us that their was a cyst in our daughter's brain, that in 99.9% of the cases resolves itself during gestation by the 24th week but in 0.1% of the cases can be indicative of Trisomy 13.

While an amnio could give us a definitive diagnosis in a couple of days, the risk of a spontaneous abortion because of the amnio procedure itself was greater than the risk of the defect even being there. The doctor told us that the ultrasound showed no other signs of genetic defect and that he would recommend that we just wait until the ultrasound at 24 weeks before getting "worked up". (As if what we already heard hadn't gotten us worked up). Long story short, 4 weeks later we had another ultrasound and everything was fine.

Jump forward 4 years and our daughter just brought home her weekly folder of what she did in school the past week and it contained a division worksheet. Needless to say, everything's ok.

I've never been more scared in my life.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 7:07 am

Mine's also related to driving:

I was alone in the car, on a wide country road, approaching a curve which I deemed sufficiently clear and wide to pass a lorry which would otherwise have held me up for miles on the upcoming narrower parts of the road. Passing would have been perfectly safe even despite the other lorry coming in my direction - had there not been another car passing exactly that lorry. Well, everyone involved got over the shock quickly enough to steer properly and avoid a crash. Would have been ugly since both my and the other car were travelling at more than 100km/h at the time.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 7:26 am

Being in retail,there was this store I was assigned to that
was located in a combat zone.I was armed robbed four
times.To say the least,to have a gun pointed at you by a
unstable character is not a good feeling.

When I was younger,headed back to California from
Mexico, the train we were traveling on,derailed.
It was in the jungle with a bridge ahead.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 8:03 am

Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Leaving A.Net

Pilot Kaz

(Only Joking Kaz)

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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 8:16 am

Probably, when I was biking on the Burke Gilman trail a week or two after 9/11, I was riding in my lane, going very fast, and an a$$hole swerved into my lane and we had a huge crash. I was flung over my handlebars, and into a ditch, where I proceed to shatter my patella and broke my finger so badly that the bone was sticking out (no joke). At least I was waring a helmet. But then, after I couldn't walk or stand up, the a$$hole (who was at fault), got up in my face and yelled "Jesus, what the f**k were you doing?! He kept yelling at me until a witness told him to back off. Then it was off to the ER. Pretty scary moment, and the guy tried to sue my school (it was a school bike trip), realized he had no case, and droppped the suit.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 9:54 am

1.When Bush was elected President.
2.When I found out I was being involuntarily transferred to Dallas
3.When Bush was re elected
4.When my girlfriend caught me with her best friend (she can throw a 27" TV across the room)
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 2:32 pm

I was driving on the NJ Turnpike northbound heading to Newark about 2 months ago, going 75 mile an hour when all off a sudden this minivan in front of me starts to brake heavily becuase of a stupid driver that cut him off, so when the van slowed down, I had to slam on my brakes and then lost control of my Jeep. The Jeep made a right 90 degree turn, when i saw an 18 wheeler semi coming at me at 60 mph, I thought "oh shit" but luckily, the driver managed to slow down before I started the engine and moved the hell off the turnpike. Another thing I was very lucky is that my Jeep could've been flipped over from the forceful turn and I and another inncoent person could've ended up in the hospital, too. Thankfully, no one ended up, just a few shaken drivers.

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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 2:41 pm

Seeing this on the local news

Then 5hrs later finding out it was my girlfriend in the white car, and subsequently sitting in a hospital ward foyer for 90mins knowing she is just around the corner but not being able to see her as I wasn't a family member.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 3:33 pm

I was driving down a rural road, going about 60mph at midnight when I saw lights coming toward me and upon closer inspection they were in my lane (2 lane road) so I flashed the brights and honked the horn but ovbiously they were not going to move so I pulled off the road just in time and off into a field as this guy kept going in the wrong lane, I almost thought I was going to be in a head-on collision.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 6:21 pm

I guess that my scariest situation was when I was driving my Jeep Cherokee home to Chattanooga, Tennessee from St. Louis, Missouri having picked up a number of historic items I had bought from the collection of a late collector's nephew. It was well after dark and I was on the interstate doing the speed limit at the minimum safe following distance behind a tractor trailer. All of a sudden, I glimpsed three or four vehicles parked on the shoulder and an instant later saw a large buck deer come spinning out from under the rear wheels of the trailer. I was certain that I was going to wreck, having only enough time to straighten out the wheel and hold on as there was no time to brake. I felt the deer as I passed over it at 70 mph but maintained control. At the next exit, I pulled off and inspected the vehicle and found no problems or damage.

At work, my scariest situation was low water in the boiler of a steam locomotive. On a couple of occasions, the water level got so low as to get below the sight glass and on one locomotive, set off the low water alarm it had. What was scarier was that the other locomotive did not have a low water alarm. The danger is that if water is added after the top steel sheet of the firebox is uncovered by the water in the boiler, any additional water will flash over into steam instantly. This will cause a failure of the top steel sheet known as the crownsheet, leading to a boiler explosion which is almost always instantly fatal to the engine crew and those in the immediate area. Only by our proper knowledge of how to deal with such situations did we not get ourselves killed. Unfortunately, this was not the case for a crew in Gettysburg, PA a decade ago. They had a boiler explosion on a passenger train but all escaped with their lives, though the fireman and engineer were very seriously injured.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 9:21 pm

My apartment in BOM is on the 11th floor. On Jan 26th 2001, I was busy on the phone with my gf. All of a sudden, I felt the floor shaking. I looked around and saw the fan and the lamps shaking like crazy. Looked out of the window, saw everybody rushing out of their homes. I really thought that the building would collapse and I would get buried under it. Thankfully it all stopped after a couple of minutes.

Though, the earth quake did not do much damage in Mumbai, thousands of people were killed in the state of Gujarat on that fateful day.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 10:36 pm

Quoting SmithAir747 (Reply 9):
I have nearly choked to death 3 times at least on food (Mother's Day 1986, Mother's Day 1996, and a summer camping trip in 1996)

You might want to plan a fast for Mother's Day this year if the pattern holds.
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sat Mar 04, 2006 10:58 pm

Several years ago, I was in the local bank minding my own business when it was held up by some crazy weilding a sawn-off - very scary as I didn't know if he was going to start shooting up the place or not!
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RE: Scariest Moment In Your Life?

Sun Mar 05, 2006 2:48 am

Quoting Dc10s4ever (Reply 24):
When my girlfriend caught me with her best friend (she can throw a 27" TV across the room)

I'm sorry, but as a woman, I've got to laugh at this one. I'm sure you learned from this.... (don't want to speculate what...)... there's got to be a quote from Shakespeare here somewhere. Did she miss you?

Quoting Fbgdavidson (Reply 26):
Then 5hrs later finding out it was my girlfriend in the white car, and subsequently sitting in a hospital ward foyer for 90mins knowing she is just around the corner but not being able to see her as I wasn't a family member.

Just seeing the photo sends chills through me.
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