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That Fear, That Need, That Haunts

Tue Mar 07, 2006 8:23 pm

It is impossible to read some of the more recent works of Whitley Strieber without believing that there is more to existence that meets the eye.

Last night, I dreamed of individuals who are still alive, but who, in my dream, were much younger than they are today. And all because of a telephone call I made late yesterday afternoon.

Freud and Jung told us of the world of the unconscious, but the History Channel tells us of Canada's Roswell, of government cover-ups and space visitations.

Subconscious apparition? Actual aliens?

And what of crop circles, and video footage of their creation?

There is much more to the world, quoth the Bard, than is dreamed of in our philosophy. Yet, forsooth, how much of it is within our ken?

What is known is but a fraction of a fraction of the tiniest modicum of what we perceive. But despite this, we motor on in our merry way, oblivious to the truth, content to pay our mortgage.

If the greatest lie of Satan is that he does not exist, then the greatest lie of existence is that there is nothing more that what we see.

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