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Does Anyone Else Feel Like They're In A Rut?

Fri Apr 07, 2006 1:36 pm

Or is it just me?

My first year of being a graduate student is almost over, and I am slowly getting my shit taken care of. I haven't done much at all in the past couple weeks in terms of fun. I was dating this girl for a few weeks but we decided to just be friends, and we've been hanging out a lot lately and now i'm starting to feel those things for her again and it's annoying me because I'm not sure if i should act on it or not (probably not). I don't hang out with nearly anyone that i used to, or anyone at all for that matter (other than the girl). I am a fairly sociable guy, and definitely operate better in life when I participate in many activities with people I enjoy, but when I try to see if those friends want to hang out they are either too busy or just don't want to, and after a few of those it makes you feel like they just don't want to hang out with you. Puh...

My weekends are spent either here in Iowa City or 40 miles away at my parents house doing laundry and feeling stupid for being a 22 year old kid spending the weekend doing laundry at his parents house. I think my mom got used to it and called me this week expecting me to come home this weekend...I had to tell her no...not that I don't need to do laundry (although I do have at least a few weeks in reserve), or want to see my parents, it'sjust...i dunno...I am definitely past the age where going home on weekends often in college is okay. haha.

Ahh well...that is life. One good thing did happen of my more attractive students started flirting with me in the hallway. But I don't want to be one of those TA's who does that (i'll wait till after the class is finished), so I laughed or something and got out of the situation.

So anyway. anyone else in a rut? let's hear your rut saga!
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RE: Does Anyone Else Feel Like They're In A Rut?

Fri Apr 07, 2006 2:50 pm

I hated my first two years at Uni. Didn't really have more than one true friend, just loads of aquantinces, lived with a bunch of utter idiots too. Also i had real bad luck with two of my modules. Long story short i lost out on my recital grade because when i arrived i couldn't find one of my backing CD's, went into a massive panic, travelled home to see if i'd left it there and hoped to get a lift back with my flat mate. But it wasn't there and she'd left and i couldn't get back in time for my recital, so i lost the marks. 2 months of practising for nothing. Should have told one of the staff really but sometimes i get real bad social-anxiety-disorder, which basically meant i got sh*t scared of talking people with authority. Also i got conned out a mark in a group project. So i basically didn't get marked for 25% of the years work, and am on course for a shitty degree now.  Sad

So yes, i am in a rut kinda, but life will go on.

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