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Allergic Asthma And Desensitization

Wed Apr 19, 2006 6:53 pm

Spring is back, and like every year I have the usual allergies (runny nose, scratchy eyes etc). This year there's a new surprise though: some kind of allergic asthma. It's very light, I notice it because I sometimes have to cough and take deeper breaths, but it doesn't really stop me from functioning.

What do you think of desensitization cures? Do they work, is it work the time? Or is that time/money actually wasted? I haven't consulted a doctor yet for my allergies, because I really don't need to know what kind of pollen I'm allergic to - it wouldn't change a thing, since they just fly around in spring, and you can't really avoid them.

But if I could find a way to get rid of those allergies (they're quite under control with anti-allergic nasal spray and eye drops) I certainly would.

There are no asthma OTC medicines, at least that's what I'm told by the local pharmacist, so I guess I'll have to see a doc, eventhough I hate the idea. I am one of those people who only go to the doctor if they're half-dead  Smile


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