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Any Godzilla Fans Out There?

Sat Apr 22, 2006 1:52 am

I have always liked the movies and recently Godzilla: The Final Wars was released, it was the 28th movie made and will probaly be the last one made about this franchise.

Anybody else liked these movies ???

I think the best enemy that Godzilla fought was Mothra:
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RE: Any Godzilla Fans Out There?

Sat Apr 22, 2006 3:07 am

A fan?

But if one of the classics is on TV i would watch it. A blast from the past. Great tv.....sort of  Wink
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RE: Any Godzilla Fans Out There?

Sat Apr 22, 2006 7:55 am

I am more of a Gammera man myself...
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RE: Any Godzilla Fans Out There?

Sun Apr 23, 2006 9:20 am

A few of us. I wish the franchise had stayed true to its roots; that first picture was awesome, especially in the original Japanese version (with English subtitles) I was fortunate to have seen in New York City about 2 years ago. I only wonder WHY American distributors bothered to make another version. As to Final Wars, I've not yet seen it but I read it would be the last for at least 10 years. Godzilla fandom is in a lull, like Star Trek, and needs a rest before they make more. Hopefully, the next effort will take the series back to its seminal values. I'd love to see a remake of the original with state of the art effects and production values; that would be fantastic! And ONLY the Japanese should do Godzilla; it was proved 8 years ago American filmmakers CAN'T do it right! If done right, the franchise could live again.
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RE: Any Godzilla Fans Out There?

Sun Apr 23, 2006 9:55 am

Quoting ZChannel (Reply 2):
I am more of a Gammera man myself...

Banana Man here!

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RE: Any Godzilla Fans Out There?

Sun Apr 23, 2006 1:12 pm

I'm a pretty passionate Kaiju fan, but really, how many "good" movies, even by generous standards, were ever made in this genre?

I'd venture the original, "Godzilla, King of the Monsters" (even the American version with Raymond Burr bits added stands up fairly well) certainly.

And, There's nothing like 1968/69's "Destroy All Monsters".

Beyond that, "Godzilla vs. Destroyah" was a favorite of more recent years, but Final Wars is crap and its a shame the franchise has ended that way.

Granted, if you're tolerant of the genre you can watch the 1960s stuff (Rodan, Mothra etc.) on TV and its funny/ a nostalgic sort of way.

I believe there's a willing audience waiting for something thats good... which is the only way the Matthew Broderick American Godzilla managed to make $100 million dollars...on the promise so many folks were ready to see a "good" Godzilla movie...although certainly the potential of more movies was destroyed because the producers got it all wrong.

Godzilla is a "Monster" and not simply an animal which is where that film went wrong to begin with before it got worse otherwise.

Challenge is, to make Godzilla "right" you'd probably still need a "suit-mation" technique (guy in a rubber suit) but somehow avoid campy element by successfully melding that with Star Wars/Lord of the Rings special effects. Not sure what director/producer would be up to the challenge that would actually be interested. And too, Toho guards their franchise with zeal. Can't see that changing after the R Emmerich crap.

Anyway.. here's a link to one fan's site which includes one of Ikira Ifukube's compositions. Unfortunately he's passed away, and to me at least, his music was a part of what made Godzilla work. Any G movies without him were always the worse for it.


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