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Copyright People: Logo Has Tiny Trek Ship!

Mon May 01, 2006 12:41 am

Have you ever noticed that Richard Hoagland's site has what appears to be a tiny starship Enterprise as part of its official logo?

See:, top right. The "Enterprise Mission" logo shows a tiny starship stationed near a planet, on the opposite side of a U.S. space shuttle. I think it's unmistakable that the former is implicitly the starship Enterprise, just as the latter is probably the Shuttle Enterprise.

That's weird, because, AFAIK, Trek has no official (or, for that matter, unofficial) connection to Hoagland's ("there were aliens on Mars and we are probably all Martians") Website. (I've developed this description of his site from years of listening to Hoagland and others on Art Bell's radio show, including a repeat edition of his show aired on KFI last night / early this morning.)

I've noticed this for some time now but have never asked the people at Trek whether this is okay with them. After all, the starship design in question is probably proprietary, isn't it?

Anyone else ever notice this? Is it okay to use Trek-related designs in this manner? Most Websites -- usually fan sites -- that do, at least have a disclaimer. I haven't found one on Hoagland's site. Comments?

Thanks in advance.  

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