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NFL Draft...What Are Some Teams Thinking?

Mon May 01, 2006 12:51 am

With the first two rounds in the books I've got to ask WTF!?

The Texans pass on Reggie Bush.
Matt Leinert drops to 10th behind Vince Young?
My beloved Dolphins needing a running back go with a Safety in the 1st?
Chad Jackson from Florida drops to the second round?
DJ Shockley from UGA is still on the board?
Lendale White dropped into the second round?
The Jets fans are booing....oh wait, they do that every year for every team.

Thoughts? Concerns? Idiotic moves by teams?

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RE: NFL Draft...What Are Some Teams Thinking?

Mon May 01, 2006 1:02 am

The Texans addressed one of their most pressing needs by drafting Mario Williams first, but Reggie Bush is the better player. Maybe they should have tried to trade down two places, but not a horrible pick.

Vince Young going before Matt Leinart was a given after Williams was selected first. The Saints wanted Leinart, but with Bush available it is obvious who will be picked. The Titans want a Steve McNair type QB, one who can win a game with his arm or his legs, and had settled on VY well before the draft. The Jets went with the safe pick in Ferguson, who should really help their passing offense, but not as much as Leinart could have. They apparently believe Pennington will be ready to go for the whole year this year. Green Bay and San Francisco are set at QB for the near term and want to give their young QBs time to prove themselves. Oakland thought about Jay Cutler but were not seriously considering Leinart because of concerns about his ability to throw the deep ball. Buffalo is set at QB, Detroit could have picked him up but they are happy where they are. Denny Green will never pass on a gifted QB and made the pick. Denver tried to trade up to 10 to grab him, but there was no way that Denny would have traded out of that position.

Really the only other team aside from the Cards in the top 10 that might have picked him, then, were the Lions. And they have a few more pressing concerns right now  Wink

Great pick up by the Cards, though, and expect Leinart to have a great career out in Arizona.

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RE: NFL Draft...What Are Some Teams Thinking?

Mon May 01, 2006 5:52 am

I don't know what the Giants were thinking with their first round pick. They drafted Boston College DE Mathias Kiwanuka, which I really don't understand why. We already have 2 of the best defensive ends in the NFL plus the team had other needs. Maybe the Giants think Starhan will not be around much longer?
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RE: NFL Draft...What Are Some Teams Thinking?

Mon May 01, 2006 6:28 am

Quoting DeltaGator (Thread starter):
DJ Shockley from UGA is still on the board?

Not anymore, the Falcons drafted him in the 7th Round (223th pick).  bigthumbsup 

Probably means Matt Schaub will be with the team one more season, with Shockley as the 3rd Stringer. Schaub could be a starter if he wasn't in Atlanta.

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