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UK Labour Party Starts New Initiative

Fri May 05, 2006 11:42 pm

After the fiasco of certain MP's failings (cock-ups) there is now a new site where you can e-mail the party and ask questions. The name for this site is :-


The site was named in honour of the late Home Secretary...





For those interested in visiting this site you must first go to Prescott. co.uk.

(There is also a personal website hidden). Look for the word 'Tosser'*

*Tonys' Old Sage Secretly Eats Rubber.

Here, you will find an old knackers guide to bonking secretaries and then just follow the directions (did he really need directions) to end up with C.R.A.P.

Tony (I stand by my colleagues) Blaaaaah is now at No.10 going through his Cherie's. He admits to being partial to a bit of Cherie. (Probably stoned)

Just to advertise...

The follow up thread will be entitled...

What does NHS stand for? Your thoughts appreciated....

A quick preview on the next post (my opinion) NHS means..

No Hope Sunshine

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