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Fighting In Basra

Sun May 07, 2006 9:09 am


Must say I am surprised to hear about this, apparently a British helicopter crashed, reports are saying a missle or RPG was responsible, then the Iraqis attacked British troops in the area of the crash, but Basra has been more or less quiet since the invasion was over. I hope this isnt another step back for coalition forces in Iraq. At the bottom of the story Retired Army General McCaffrey sent a memo around the students and faculty at USMA West Point saying US troops will be needed in Iraq for another 3-5 years and the next 2 will continue to be bloody.
Basra is now under curfew and it seems the violence has curbed since.
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RE: Fighting In Basra

Sun May 07, 2006 9:25 am

Serious problems in this area are fairly new. The Sunni insurgency in the center of Iraq has obviously been the cause of most of our problems. So far, the Shites in the south have been on "our side". Here's a take on these events from the BBC:




Once seen as the "safe zone" in Iraq, violence has escalated to such a point that a US Embassy report said Basra city is as dangerous now as any of the troubled northern cities.

This is not good. We need to get our "allies" in the Shia government to get this settled down right now. One of the few bright spots in this war has been the relative stability in the north and south. If that starts to change this whole thing could go from bad to worse.
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