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Another 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy'? (Music; UMG)

Fri May 12, 2006 3:24 pm



Take Lindsay Lohan. The teen actress was turned into a singer by Tommy Mottola, who made an interesting deal at Universal to start a label just for her.

Mottola also managed Lohan, which no one questioned, and he claimed that UMG had put up $50 million to get the ball rolling.

But Lohan is no singer, and no one, not even her movie fans, wanted her albums or to hear her on the radio.

Nevertheless, the record company persisted. A series of e-mails in June 2005 shows what was happening — a manipulation of MTV’s “Total Request Live” show that airs every afternoon and can seriously affect a new record’s fortunes.

UMG, according to Spitzer’s reports, was spending money at radio stations and for “TRL” to “stuff the ballot box” (my words) and turn losers into winners.

The memo series is all about one subject: “We are hiring a request company starting Monday to jack TRL for Lindsay…Guys this is a no win situation how should I respond...there is no airplay we have been pursuing…”

Yeah, we know they have been dong this for years, but it's about time someone gets caught for the raquet that is the music SCAM. Guess how this makes me feel about people who have large illegal MP3 collections? Short answer: GOOD for them!!!!
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RE: Another 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy'? (Music; UMG)

Fri May 12, 2006 4:03 pm

Isn't it more bribery and corruption?? These guys are just spending money to make money, albeit in an unethical manner, if not illegal.

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