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Sony Cybershot P93 Photo Download Problem

Sun May 14, 2006 7:12 am

I have a Sony Cybershot P93. It uses "Picture Package" as software. I have never experienced any problems downloading pictures from the camera via a USB cable to one of our PC's. As soon as you have plugged the USB cable into the PC's USB port, the photos would start downloading automatically to the PC.

However, for some reason, which I honestly don't know; I have been experiencing problems lately, when trying to download pictures on 3 out of 5 PC's with Windows XP Pro installed. I still have 2 PC's to my disposal, but it is frustrating as hell. My Acer Travelmate Laptop is one of the PC's that I use 98% of the time, but I can't download photos onto it.

Does anyone have a clue what the cause of this problem might be? Advice would be appreciated.


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RE: Sony Cybershot P93 Photo Download Problem

Sun May 14, 2006 1:48 pm

don't know whats happening exactlly,but check if u have locked the memory card, pull out the memory from the camera and there is a small switch. Not found on all memory sticks though. If you have xp installed try copying without using the wizard, once you connect via USB, go to 'My Computer" you will see ur camera as an exeternal drive, open it and copy it.
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