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Ségoléne Royal In France -for Froggies-any Opinion

Wed May 31, 2006 2:20 am

La sainte Ségolène Royal is poised to confront Mr. Sarkozy (most likely ) for the next years presidential elections in France.
She hes kept out of commenting all most recent scandals and seems to prefer trivial TV shows as platform rather than developping a party-program for the socialist group.
Personally I think she ist just an empty "emballage" (gift-wrap..) without any major content.Her political experience is purely domestic French without any time spent abroad or related to economy,business or any international organizations.
Her attitude towards family is extremely puritanian( she has four children ) and she seems to hate any remarks that come even close to criticizing her.
Even within her own party many elder party-members are extremely reluctant to support her.
What is your opinion if any of you have come across new related to her???
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