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Asking Fellow Employees For Referrals..

Wed Jul 05, 2006 2:56 am

Yes, I know.. asking for help on is like asking for an extra belly button, but I figured I'd subject myself to the ridicule, flaming and snarky comments anyways..

I'm a sadist I suppose..

Anyways, I'm looking at leaving my current place of employment and moving on to something else. As a matter of course, I'm going to need referrals for ye olde resume. So..

1) Is it proper to ask a fellow co-worker to be a referral? How do I go about that?

2) Asking a previous supervisor? Good idea? Bad idea?

Asking my current supervisor is out of the question as I'm pretty certain it'd result in my being asked to leave shortly after, so I'm none to sure about #2.

So, a.netters? Any words of wisdom out there?

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RE: Asking Fellow Employees For Referrals..

Wed Jul 05, 2006 8:20 am

Matt, if things are not good between your current supervisor, maybe you could ask a supervisor from another area that works with you to give you a written letter of recommendation. The other thing you can do is provide them with copies of your past performance reviews if your company did them on their employees. I know it is hard when your in that type of situation....otherwise, if your sure you are going to get a job then explain the situation and be honest. I'm sure they'd understand.

My boss was let go about a month ago....and just prior to his leaving I asked him for a letter as I might be moving on myself. Well, I sent him an email and asked him to still give me a letter as he was my previous boss....I know for sure that if I were to go to one of the owners they'd crap if they got wind of me looking anywhere else for a job...

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RE: Asking Fellow Employees For Referrals..

Wed Jul 05, 2006 10:05 am

Some companies these days won't even tell you whether a person worked for them. One of the owners of the company I work for now told me that my boss at my former employer wouldn't even verify that I worked there, sayiing "we don't give out that information". Thankfully, I used several of the supervisors from my last job as references when I applied for my present job as I know they wouldn't try to screw me over.

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