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Norad Invaded N. Korean Privacy!

Thu Jul 06, 2006 12:51 am

The Daily Tattletale


Washington, July 5,2006 : Unidentified sources in NORAD have advised us their super-secret electronic network monitored the launching and flight trajectories of North Korean missiles yesterday-without seeking the consent of North Korea’s Democratically- Elected and- Awfully Nice - People’s Government.

Outraged privacy advocates in and out of Congress have promised a full-scale investigation . “We’re going to get to the bottom of this ,” an angry Congressional hopeful (quoted on the basis of anonymity ) declared.

Meanwhile , one source in NORAD expressed relief the North Korean’s had not chosen a launch area sited just 87 kilometers southwest of the actual launch site. “Our sensor arrays have an anomalous blind spot in that area “, our source chuckled.

We have checked with our sources in the CIA and Pentagon,but have not been able to confirm the blind spot location yet.

The White House has issued a terse “No comment”.

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RE: Norad Invaded N. Korean Privacy!

Thu Jul 06, 2006 1:04 am

Made from jets!
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RE: Norad Invaded N. Korean Privacy!

Thu Jul 06, 2006 2:22 am

Sort of reminds me of the news story of a

"People's heatseeking missile on a peaceful mission off eastern Siberia was rammed in midair by a South Korean 747 spy plane."

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That picture has to have been taken in Reno. Where did it come from?
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