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Recent New Music Albums: Your Opinions?

Thu Jul 06, 2006 7:47 am

Hey Everybody,

I am currently listening through a couple of albums that I have recently purchased.

First is Under The Iron Sea by Keane. To me personally it is fabulous, all of the tracks are great that you can get used to very quickly. My favourites being "Is It Any Wonder", "Crystal Ball" & "Nothing In My Way".

It is a excellent follow up to Hopes & Fears from 2002. One groan however I need to make was what was the point of putting that "The Iron Sea" soundtrack, for me I would have preferred another fabulous offering from this legend of a music talent!  Smile

However my opinion is that this latest offering from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers is even better, and by far it stands out over their other albums. Just thinking now about how lucky my friends are now, after they went to see them on Monday in Reading, wish I went. I couldn't really give a favourite song, they're all stunning.

Other recent (and not so recent) albums that I also enjoy must be the last two offerings from Jack Johnson ("In Between Dreams" & "Curious George"), Franz Ferdinand first tow albums and also the one and only Kanye West!

I just want to gage the opinions of other members on this site of what they think about the two recently released albums mentioned above and also of members other recent favourites.

Also if any member has purchased the new album by Muse, "Black Holes & Revelations", I would love to know what they think about it, as it is next on my list, must support the local bands!  Smile

With Regards,

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