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Walter Moers' "Adolf, You Nazi-Pig"

Wed Jul 19, 2006 7:13 am

I have never been a fan of Walter Moers, but this MTV movie clip look-alike is not bad:

The text (copied from a comment):


The world's burning
Germany is lying in its ashes
and Japan is not looking very good anymore, either.
But one guy will not back down...
In the Fuehrer's bunker, the lights are still burning...

1st stanza:

I'm sitting in my bunker,
in the middle of Berlin,
I've got cyanide pills and plenty of gasoline,
the airforce is gone, the navy and the army, too - World War 2 is just no fun no more.
I don't fell like surrendering,
- well, I've got 3 metres of reinforced concrete above me!
Surrender? Not me! I've still got "Blondy" [his German shepherd] - and a bottle of Chantre!


Adolf, you old Nazi-pig, will you finally surrender!
(- No!)
Adolf, you old Nazi-pig!
(- You'd love to see that, wouldn't you?)
Adolf, you old Nazi-pig, will you finally surrender!
(- I'll never surrender!)
Adolf, you pig!

2nd stanza:

I'm at war with 53 countries, and the bombs don't fall on England but Germany.
Those allied bombers annoy me
because they don't just throw bombs but entire
carpets of them!
No one listens to me, everybody acts as he likes
and who' behind all that? It's this guy Churchill!
That really hurts, yes it does!
I'm left alone with "Blondie" and a bottle of


Adolf, you old Nazi-pig, will you finally surrender!
Adolf, you old Nazi-pig!
(- No, I will never surrender! That's out of the
question that this guy Churchill will laugh up
his sleeve! No! That Churchill! I won't surrender!
I'll never surrender!)


Don't be afraid Blondie, we won't surrender...
Maybe we can even still win this war! I think so.
I'm really quite confident about that. Hopefully...

Oh, the credits.
"Walter Moers"? Hmhm...
Stop! That's way too fast! Rewind, stop!
ah ah... it's all in English! Weird...
"GFP" - "Great Fuehrer-Bonker"... probably spelled wrong.
I support the right to arm bears
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RE: Walter Moers' "Adolf, You Nazi-Pig"

Wed Jul 19, 2006 11:30 am

Hmmm. I don't know. Those lyrics got controversy written all over it.  Confused

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