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Tyler Perry And Madea!

Sat Jul 29, 2006 2:38 am

To all my African American brothas and sistas who are a.netters, what do you all think of Madea (you know you all know about her, don't trip).

I was watching Madea Goes to Jail (because that's like the last thing I do at night. It's my bedtime story now-a-days), and I'm still cracking up.

Madea: WAIT A MINUTE!! You can't hit that woman. Let me go get you some mase.

That is like my favorite line from that play.

Personally, I think the plays are funnier and better than the movies. The movies are okay, but they don't have the same zest or flavor of the plays. I think all the other plays are really funny too (I Can Do Bad All by Myself, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Madea's Class Reunion, and Madea's Family Reunion). Family Reunion is my second favorite! I didn't think meet the Browns was that funny, except for the end. But yeah, we have all those plays and the two movies.

Also, yesterday for the first time, I watched The Color Purple because my family and friends keep telling me that that is where some of the things from the plays come from. They're like "You didn't know that??" Yes, I know, I'm an insult to black women because yesterday was my first time watching it and i'm 18 years old now. Well, I watched it, and it was such a great movie. My friend calls it the black woman national anthem and I can see why. I was cracking up on a lot of the parts that I remembered from Madea and some other parts. It was a powerful movie though. You can't be a black woman until you see that movie (and I'm an honorary black woman, so she made me watch it, lol).

Any females think Tyler Perry is fine???

Yeah, those are my plays right there, and I always get rock hard abs from cracking up so much. 'Dea has me rollllin y'all.


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