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Another Happy And Sad Cat Thread

Mon Aug 21, 2006 2:30 pm

About a year ago, we got a cat (Jessie) to help with the critter problem we had in the house. My wife was not a cat lover, but I convinced her that we had to get one.

Opportunity came knocking and Jessie came to our house, and the rat problem disappeared quickly. Our dog Maya also came to love Jessie, even though Maya has been known to kill many animals.

Earlier in the year, Jessie suddenly came into heat after the appearance of a Tomcat around the house. Unfortunately, she escaped and did what girl cats do when in heat, f****d a lot.

So, on June 27, Jessie had a very uncomplicated birth to four kittens: Milo, Stripie, Loki, and Gwin, the latter being the only female. The whole family spent plenty of time with the kittens, they are eating both dry and wet food, using the litter, and being very people friendly cats.

The sad part is this: summer is over, and soon the kittens will leave us, to go live with family and friends. Its bittersweet, but at least we are very familiar with all those who will take our babies.

Even the dog will be sad, as she has been quite active with the kittens lately.

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