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A Scanner Darkly. Anyone See It?

Sat Aug 26, 2006 9:22 am

All the movie talk seems to be about Snakes on a Plane here, however there are many other films out there, which are equally as good, or much better (depending on how you review SOAP).

Tonight, i went to see a Scanner Darkly.
Confused by the trailer, I may have chose just to see it purely for its unique animation style.
However, animation aside, It was a very well made movie, full of twists, open endings and with quite a good cast.
Providing you have an attention span for 100minutes non stop (every minute really counts with this film), and an interest for films with twists and confusing plots, then you should see A Scanner Darkly?

Anyone else seen the film, or read the book its based on?

Whats your opinions?

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