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Reformer Takes Reins At Canadian Physicians Group

Sat Aug 26, 2006 7:55 pm

An outspoken critic of Canada's health care system has been elected to lead the Canadian Medical Association, according to a conservative commentary published in World Net Daily.

Readers here may recall my repeated comments some days and weeks ago that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper may have a secret agenda to destroy that country's publicly subsidized system. That agenda -- assuming that it exists -- may take the form of death by a thousand cuts, introduced soothingly as an attempt to provide a mere alternative to public health care.

Dr. Brian Day, the incoming CMA president, "hastens" to say that he does not want to "dismantle" the existing public health care system, but merely provide -- presumably those who are capable of paying -- a private alternative, according to the article.

How interesting.

Incidentally, both Harper and Day are from the Canadian West. And, I wonder if Brian Day is any relation to Stockwell Day, one of the original leaders of the former Canadian Alliance Party whose members now largely control the Conservative Party of Canada. It may be just a coincidence.


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RE: Reformer Takes Reins At Canadian Physicians Group

Sun Aug 27, 2006 12:04 am

Considering health care is a provincial responsibility, I don't really see how the federal government can influence the introduction of two-tiered medicine. Now, I happen to favour a single-tier healthcare system; however, I'm sick and tired of people dogmatically holding onto this narrow-minded idea of what our healthcare system should be. It's such a touchy subject with the public, that no politician is willing to actually seriously deal with the subject matter.

Let's look at this from the perspective of the doctors who elected this guy. Canada isn't all that attractive a place to work. Many doctors may get paid well compared to others in society, but they also have one of the most stressful and high pressure jobs as well. My mom works 80+ hours a week and rarely has the opportunity to truly unwind and rest. Her days are literally a cycle of waking up, doing rounds, working in the OR in the morning, having the clinic in the afternoon, doing paperwork, coming home, eating, unwinding for a bit, and going to bed. She's lucky if she gets a five minute break for lunch in all this.

I'm not really sure how our healthcare system can be address, but the election of this Day guy is less of an endorsement of private healthcare by the doctors in Canada, and more a message that they're sick and tired of the status quo. Throwing more money at it won't solve a damn thing, so someone has to have the balls to actually come up with a solution.

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