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How Big Of A Shop Do You Work In?

Mon Sep 04, 2006 1:32 pm

Hello everyone..

Now that my job is finished for the season, I was thinking about going back next year. While pondering this, I thought about what it'd be like to work in a bigger shop, you know one of them you see where they have a staff list as long as your arm working with rows and rows of equiptment; so I thought I'd ask everyone how big the shop they work in is, and maybe give a little thing at the end telling what it's like to work in such a place.

I'll start. I worked out of a relatively small maintenance shed, so heres some numbers to give an idea. This is a golf course maintenance facility.

Superintendent (1)
Second in command guy (1)
Mechanic (1)
Workers like me (up to 9 or 10 depending on time of year)
Total: up to 12ish (this year when I started there was 7 including me, we hit a high of 9, and after I left there was 4 still working)

Riding mowers:
Greens mower (1)
Fairways (2)
roughs (1)
green surrounds (1)
tee surrounds (1)
greens mowers set up for other stuff (2)
total: 8

Other vehicles
carts (4)
utility vehicles (6)
bobcat (1)
tractors (2)
pickup (1)
dumptrucks (2)
total: 16

Motorized Hand held/push along/walking/etc stuff:
Chainsaw (1)
Leafblower (1)
Aerator (1)
weed whackers (2)
walking greens mowers (4)
push mower (1)
total: 10

Biggest thing our shop ever has inside it to be worked on, on a regular basis:
If I had to guess I'd say the Jacobsen LF3400 maybe

I like working at this place. It's got plenty of room to work with, and theres the right tool for every job, and for the more commonly used items theres more than one to go around. But at the same time, it's small to the point where to cover days off and whatnot it's easier to just train everyone on several different things, so everyday is something different and every other week you get to try something new and exciting. Also, because it's a small staff and we're all doing a bit of everything, one becomes good friends with the entire crew, which makes it a nice place to be and after a week you feel right at home there.

Yer turn.

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RE: How Big Of A Shop Do You Work In?

Mon Sep 04, 2006 2:05 pm

Well.. This probably isn't the type of job you're looking for, but where I work:

There are about 2,300 employees.

It's about 250 developed acres, and 250 more yet to be developed.

We have about 1.8 million guests a year

On any given moment, we have about $68,000,000 worth of merchandise in on-site warehouses.

We are celebrating 45 years of Family Fun this year.

.... I work at Six Flags St. Louis

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