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No More McCurry In Malaysia

Sat Sep 09, 2006 1:26 am

Article in Dutch

Hope it make any sence, I just throw the Dutch article through  Smile

Mcdonald's defeats McCurry in courtroom, Hamburger giant Mcdonald’s has won a lawsuit against a small Malaysion eatery that carries the name McCurry. After a five year lasting trial, Malaysian court decided that the eatery had to change it's name.

The name McCurry would be to easy to confuse with the name and activities of McDonalds. The fastfood giant found also that the business color and the attracting it of customers with a large highlighted sign high above the restaurant resembled to many apearance with the business appearance of McDonalds.

The eatery goes in high appeal and finds that McCurry is nothing more than a abbreviation for "Malaysian Chicken Curry".

I don't like McDonalds, but after seeing this image I think they are right.

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RE: No More McCurry In Malaysia

Sat Sep 09, 2006 3:02 am

It all comes down to if a potential customer will be confused or tricked into thinking they're getting a product or service from an established trademark holder, even if the trademark isn't registered for that specific item. In the 1980s, Quality Inns proposed opening a nationwide chain of economy motels under the McSleep Inn brand, that McDonald's was successful in getting them to change to just Sleep Inn.

It's obvious that Sleep Inn isn't as catchy as McSleep Inn, and doesn't register the "oh, I know that name" response in people. McDonald's has to defend any dilution of their brand name, just as other companies with valuable trade names do.
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