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A Move To Dubai, Some Advice Please?

Fri Oct 06, 2006 7:48 am

Hi all,

I'm moving out to Dubai in the next 3 months and need some pointers on a few things:

1. If I hold a UK Full driving licence (I'm 17), does this mean I can drive in Dubai?
2. What is the legal employment age? I've been told by a few it's 18 but it depends on your sponsor, which would be my Dad's company.
3. Where do the teens around my age (16+) (expat or local) hang out, just so I know where to go to try and meet some new people?

Cheers for any help,

RossBaku  Silly
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RE: A Move To Dubai, Some Advice Please?

Sat Oct 07, 2006 12:49 am

Just back from my 4th trip to DXB (and soon to be JXB too) ... so can answer 1 out of the 3 questions.

Driving age is 18. You will need a UK photo licence, not the old paper only one like mine, but I suspect that that is all you have anyway. You may not drive at 17. If you become resident there you can get a UAE licence (at 18) and you will not have to surrender your UK one.

There are lots of hotels and malls like the Mall of the Emiratas or the Madinat where I saw quite a few youngsters, but hopefully your Dad will have some expat friends with kids your age which should help.

Good luck, and enjoy.
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