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Bill Parcells--Time To Go?

Wed Oct 25, 2006 8:26 am

Football and Cowboy fans,

Last night was a disgraceful performance by the Cowboys. They stunk it up on all levels, from coaching to offense, offensive line, defense, etc.

Parcells turned to Tony Romo on a Monday night game when he should have done it against Houston, a much more manageable opponent.

Parcells' defense is way overrated and is a paper tiger.

Parcells' offensive line is an absolute joke and couldn't block anybody.

Thus, everything falls at the feet of Big Bill, who I feel is the most overrated coach in the NFL.

The man has won two super bowls, but a careful inspection shows the first in 1986-87 to be legitimate, while his win in 1990-91 was lucky on many levels.

In the January 1991 NFC Championship game, Roger Craig fumbled with the 49ers leading with under two minutes to go. Run the clock out, and the 49ers go to the super bowl. How many times does that happen? Also remember this is the super bowl where the kicker for the Bills, Scott Norwood was wide right.

This game has passed Parcells by and he needs to move on. Cowboy fans need to forget about this season, because it is already over.

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