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What To Do In Costa Rica? (help)

Wed Nov 08, 2006 1:50 pm

Ok, so my friend and I have a $200 off coupon for America West/US Airways and I was looking at trips for spring break. Well I found a non-stop flight from PHX-SJO for $547. Then throw in the $200 off and you can see how sick a deal this if for a spring break trip senior year of college. Anyway, I haven't bought tickets yet but I was just curious what you guys recommend about places to stay, stuff to do, etc... Any info would be MUCH appreciated.

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RE: What To Do In Costa Rica? (help)

Thu Nov 09, 2006 12:20 pm

Quoting FlyUSCG (Thread starter):
I was just curious what you guys recommend about places to stay, stuff to do, etc

Instead of just going to the beaches for all of spring break, how about visiting the National Parks? Like Monteverde, Arenal Volcano or the Irazú Volcano for example.

I went to the Irazú Volcano once. It was by car and took something around an hour and 30 minutes by car from Cartago, the nearest city. We only stayed there for a short time, but it was nice. Thin, cold and fresh air, plus the smell of sulfur from the small lakes on the volcano.

But perhaps the area near the Arenal Volcano would be best for a spring break. I also went there on a traditional class trip for the German abitur (I was in a German private school) and there is a nice hotel (I don't recall the name, but it's definitely a hotel owned by a Swiss family) close to a lake near the volcano. From there, you can go on hikes, visit the volcano or go for a swim at the lake (though we had to stick with the hotel pool, which however has a hot tub which is turned on in the evening), and all the things you'd do in such a beautiful place. During my trip, we even went on a small train ride, going up a hill near the hotel to view the Arenal from far. However on the way back, that train de-railed though fortunately didn't tip over. It was kind of fun actually, though I'd still suggest you take the hiking option and not the train option.  Wink

Getting to the Arenal isn't as easy as to the Irazú, because the road is virtually non-existent, so if you go to the Arenal, prepare for a rough drive. But it's definitely worth it. If I had to choose, I'd go to the Arenal again in a heartbeat, before I hit a beach (though I haven't been to any beach in over 12 years; and the last time I went to a beach in Costa Rica, I was a one or two year old toddler). So I suggest you go to the Arenal Volcano for spring break.

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