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Rejection Of Controversial Ballot Measures

Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:19 am

While the American people spoke yesterday and gave the HofR and the Senate (still awaiting final confirmation) to the Democrats, they also rejected two controversial ballot measures in South Dakota (Abortion) and Arizona (Gay Marriage).

When I first read this, I first thought that maybe these measures were rejected not because people were actually opposed to them but because they were associated with the political right in the US and thus as people rejected the right these measures were also rejected. Basically they rejected the measures not because of what they stood for but because of who they were associated with (the right).

Would this be a fair assesment? I am curious only because I noticed that in another state a measure opposed by the right was actually passed- Missouri and stem cell research. Could this be taken as an indication that America may be moving to the left on some of these issues and that my above assesment, relating to rejection based on association, is wrong?


Thanks in advance for your responses.
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RE: Rejection Of Controversial Ballot Measures

Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:25 am

Every analysis I've read, and many personal comments from people in SD and AZ indicated that the measures were rejected because of their draconian nature. AZ & SD are very conservative states, and had either measure not smelled to high heaven of extremism, I'm fairly certain both would have passed.

That said, after being solidly conservative on social issues for the last couple of decades, I do believe we'll move back towards the center and probably a little to the left again, and then it will swing back, etc. Its the nature of the beast and we've reached one end of the spectrum.
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