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RU Serious?!

Fri Nov 10, 2006 11:15 pm

Having lived in South Jersey most of my life, seeing friends go off to New Brunswick to attend Rutgers I've been to a couple of RU games. Tickets were FREE the first time, then $5 the second. Why? Because the Scarlet Knights were Terrible.

It was a fact of life. You just woke up in the morning with the knowledge that the Sun would rise in the east and Rutgers Football sucked.

Now inexplicably it seems, not only are they RANKED, not only do they beat RANKED teams they beat the number 3 ranked team and are undefeated. It so unusual to New Jerseyans. We expect RU to be undefeated for the first game of the season, but not after that.
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RE: RU Serious?!

Sat Nov 11, 2006 3:33 am

Having gone to Rutgers (and am still a student there), I am still in shock that we beat Louisville. The fact that now we have a 9-0 record is still mind-boggling, considering how awful Rutgers football has been in the years prior to 2006 (although we did pretty good last year). I had never gone to a Rutgers football game since transferring here two years ago but decided that since I was going to graduate this year, I had to go to at least one game. I'm glad I chose the biggest game in Rutgers football history and I was there for something historical...
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